Swedish Energy Agency funds Data Energy Center project

T.Loop (Therma Loop AB), the new data energy center operator that intends to fundamentally change the data center industry in terms of standards for circular energy flows as well as energy efficiency and thus the data center’s climate impact, receives support from The Swedish Energy Agency.

T.Loop have received a grant from the Swedish Energy Agency contributing to the first Data Energy Center in the world to be realized together with real estate partner Capman in Häggvik outside of Stockholm.

“To get a stamp of approval from the experts at the Swedish Energy Agency on the degree of innovation as well as feasibility and of course most importantly the contribution Data Energy Centers can make to the energy system is a great encouragement for us at T.Loop” says Staffan Stymne, CTO & Co-founder at T.Loop.

The motivation from The Swedish Energy Agency on the grant to T.Loop:
“In an overall assessment, the project’s potential is considered significant, and that the innovation has a good chance of being verified based on relevant customer requirements within the framework of this project. The project is considered to be able to contribute to the transformation of the energy system because by combining the needs and solutions of various stakeholders, it can lead to more efficient use of resources in the operation of data centers. The degree of innovation is considered to be high and the feasibility is considered to be good. The customer benefit for the solution is clear and the solution could reduce the total energy consumption when operating data centers, which is why the probability of a subsequent commercialization is assessed as good. Thereby, the proposed project can be considered to be well in line with what is to be supported in the call for proposals.”

Contact: Staffan Stymne, CTO and co-founder T.Loop, [email protected]