Meet the team

A carefully curated team with deep experience from the energy sector, data center sector, property energy management, sustainability, entrepreneurship, investor relations and scaling, societal and behavioral change, concept development, sales and marketing, will make the T.Loop concept reality rapidly.

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Staffan Stymne

Co-founder & CEO, [email protected], +46706750489

  • 20+ in the district heating & cooling sector. 
  • 12+ years of management group and leadership experience.  
  • 4+ years new markets development. 
  • 10+ years renewable energy production management. 
  • 6+ years strategy & business development. 
  • M.Sc. Applied cooling and thermodynamics, Royal Institute of Technology.

Mathias Lindqvist

Co-founder & Chief Engineer, [email protected], +46733847883

  • 7+ years experience of data center design, build, operation, maintenance, energy optimization. 
  • 4+ years of energy performance contracting and energy management within facilities. 
  • Certified energy engineer.

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Jonas Nyman

Co-founder & Chairman of the board, [email protected], +46705884511

  • 30+ years of experience in strategic business development, investing in tech companies & board work. 
  • B.Sc. business administration. MBA global executive.

Anna Wikström

Data Energy Center manager, [email protected], +46733847881

  • 12 years experience of data center, cooling, maintenance and operations. 
  • Certified cooling technician.

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Johan Hedman

Head of Operations, [email protected], +46723120390

  • 30+ years of sales & business development experience from the IT industry.
  • 25+ years of leading sales teams.
  • Expertise in data center establishment and operations.
  • Entrepreneurship experience from energy efficiency in IT.
  • B.A. Business Administration.