Why T.Loop as your colocation partner?

T.Loop is pioneering sustainable IT operations by integrating data centers into the energy system.
We design and build our own Data Energy Center® to maximize sustainability. Our colocation customers benefit from modern data centers for Edge, AI and HPC. We can confidently say that a Data Energy Center® has 30% lower energy costs and 70% lower climate footprint compared to a traditional data center.
The benefits can be enjoyed by IT customers, property owners, and energy companies.
We offer a circular solution to your IT needs.

Our colocation services are offered to customers who have realized that running and maintaining their data center is not their core business. You own your own IT equipment and have access to our Data Energy Center® without the pressure of investing in and maintaining a data center infrastructure. In tandem with our colocation comes our assistance program designed to suit your needs in all regards of security, availability, capacity, and space. 

We cater to customers who prefer a solution that combines sustainability and high-performance computing. Our Data Energy Center® is equipped for Edge, AI, and HPC, and we provide a platform that supports the growing capacity needs posed by these technologies. We lead the digitization by building and operating the needed infrastructure for future applications already today. 

“Benefits: reuse of heat, grid balancing,
high density computing and fuel cells”

  • Climate
    Data Energy Centers reduce carbon emissions by at least 70% compared to traditional colocation data centers.
    This is achieved by reducing electricity consumption and heat recovery.
  • Cost  
    With today’s soaring electricity prices, you will notice a big difference in the energy bill for your IT operations. We reduce power costs by 30% compared to traditional colocation services.
  • Latency 
    We secure your latency by choosing a location that fits your requirements. 
  • Sovereignty 
    Today’s possibilities with IoT and AI create new demand for data sovereignty. By choosing a location carefully, we can secure that your hardware and sensitive data are under your control and stay close to the origin. 
  • Security
    We don’t compromise with security. Our Data Energy Centers follow the latest international standards for physical security, access, and fire protection.
    Your equipment stays safe with us. 
  • Redundancy
    We don’t compromise with uptime. We offer redundancy according to your needs. We have N+1 or N+N redundancy for all critical systems for IT operations. 
  • Connectivity
    Our Data Energy Centers are all located where latencies can be brought to a minimum. We supply connectivity through dark fibre where available and can offer internet services. Our international network of as-a-service partners secures the ease of creating connections according to your needs.
  • Services
    We provide tailored cloud/private cloud/hybrid cloud services according to your needs. We also offer all kinds of smart hands for your equipment. Also, we offer retrofits of existing data centers and can in short time construct a Data Energy Center where you need it, close to the data. 
  • Pricing
    We offer customized pricing based on factors such as the amount of space required, the level of power and cooling, and the network communication requirements. We wish to cater to your needs, please contact us for a specified quote.
  • Resilience & Robustness
    Operating model according to data center best practice with conccurent maintable, state of the art equipment.

T.Loop is well positioned to take care of your IT-needs with our innovative design and position in IT & sustainability.
We take seriously and implement what others are still talking about with services to match.
Do not hesitate to contact us for a discussion of ideas, tailoring of your colocation service needs or a quote.
We would love to hear from you!

For more information, please get in contact with our Head of Sales, Johan Hedman: [email protected] 0723120390