Frequently Asked Questions

We are T.Loop!

We provide colocation services with infrastructure technology to minimize CO2 footprint. We want to utilize the best technology to reduce CO2 and prove that it is cost effective and sustainable. T.Loop stands for Therma Loop which indicates that we see transformation of energy from electricity to heat and redundant power as ways to reduce the CO2 footprint, while we provide colocation customers state of the art infrastructure for advanced technologies such as Edge, high-performance computing, and other types of market leading services. We pioneer the market for Data Energy Centers®.

What is a  Data Energy Center?

T.Loop has coined the term  Data Energy Center® (“DEC”) to focus on the data center´s important role in our energy system and, above all, to make use of all idle and wasted energy and capacity produced by many data centers, today. We see these solutions as a qualified way to use the  Data Energy Center® as a source for heating buildings and cities, while the mostly idle resources in emergency and backup power can be used to balance the grid. In order to attain high sustainability classification, our technology is mainly based on liquid cooling, smart software, heat recovery, fuel cells and batteries for backup. We take the carbon out of computing! 

What are the differences compared to traditional data centers?

We design and build our Data Energy Center® with sustainability and energy recovery in mind. We use circular thinking in construction by using existing installations in already built facilities. We see the data center not only as  a safe place for your servers and storage but also as part of the energy system. Thus, with a solid infrastructure we avoid fossil based support systems while providing excellent colocation services.

What colocation services do you offer?

T.Loop offers colocation services of our own design and purposely built data centers. We operate  Data Energy Centers® for customers’ colocation with high quality and highly sustainable data centers. We deliver services that are 30% lower in cost and a climate footprint that is 70% lower compared to traditional data centers.   Our services are based on providing availability, scalability and security to make the relationship with our customer flexible with a sustainable mindset. This means that without cutting back on IT-reliability we also provide customization and at the same time our customers will go green.

What sets your colocation services apart from other providers in the market?

We make your IT more sustainable by focusing on energy circularity at the heart of our data center design, without compromising the criticality of data center operations.

Our design significantly reduces energy use wherever possible.

  • we locate our Data Energy Centers® in existing buildings, using existing power and communications infrastructure, causing a low built-in CO2 footprint in construction
  • by integrating a  Data Energy Center® in the property, the excess heat from the servers can heat the building directly, without using electricity for heat pumps.
  • we provide grid balancing by using the  Data Energy Center® power infrastructure to help stabilize the grid and contribute with extra capacity
  • we provide  Data Energy Centers® close to the data source to meet demands for low latency
  • we increase availability by connecting several  Data Energy Centers®. Thus, providing better redundancy and multiple choices for customers

To summarize, we offer less carbon in computing, less carbon in properties and healthier energy grids! 

How much lower CO2 can you offer compared to my present installation?

We can help you calculate your present foot print if we get details on your use. Mainly, the calculated CO2 is based on your PUE and how many kWh you use. If you need our assistance, please contact us at T.Loop

Do you also offer Data Energy Centers for my present on-prem data center?

The  Data Energy Center® concept is applicable to many data center sites. We offer a retrofit program specific to your needs although we never compromise on putting the data center in the energy system of the building. T.Loop will be the provider of the continued data center service.

What type of contracts do you offer, and can I customize my service level agreement (SLA)?

We offer a customer agreement (contract) where we include scope of services, pricing, equipment, fees, SLA and our standard terms and conditions. The contract is typically written for a minimum amount of time and contains options to expand or retract according to customer needs.

What is your pricing model?

We offer customized pricing based on factors such as the amount of space required, the level of power and cooling, and the network communication requirements. We wish to cater to your needs, please contact us for a specified quote.

Where are your data centers located?

Our first DEC is located just north of Stockholm, read more about The Factory here. We are currently in site selection for building several  Data Energy Centers® across the Stockholm area. We offer data centers according to your needs in the close vicinity of where your data is required, please confer with us where you wish our next DEC to be built.

What are your disaster recovery procedures and business continuity plans?

We have disaster recovery procedures documented at each of our sites concerning natural disasters, power outages and other disruptive events. Our business continuity plan is based on ensuring continued operations in the event of a disruptive event. This plan includes measures such as remote access to IT infrastructure, alternative workspaces, and redundant communication systems. 

How quickly can you resolve any issues or outages?

The criticality of your IT load will determine how we design the level of services. This will be documented in your SLA. We use secure back up of power to avoid outages and we work with strong partners to provide fast response to incidents.

What security measures do you have in place to protect my equipment?

The  Data Energy Centers® are located inside existing buildings providing extra layers of physical security. T.Loop works according to best practices for colocation services with applications for the data center and perimeter security such as:

  • redundant power and cooling infrastructure as well as non-fossil back up power solutions to ensure uninterrupted service.
  • environmental control systems for fire suppression, temperature and humidity, and leak detection systems.
  • robust network security measures such as firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, and DDoS mitigation services.
  • access control systems, security cameras, and escorted visits to provide opportunity for customers to securely access their equipment.
How reliable is your power and cooling infrastructure?

Our DEC’s are designed and built according to the highest possible data center standards to provide solid infrastructures (up to Tier 3 & concurrently maintainable) that ensures the highest possible availability according to your needs. Also, we offer colocation solutions based on placement of equipment in two or more Data Energy Centers®.

What type of network connectivity options do you offer?

We use partners to give customers a flexible, carrier-neutral connectivity. This allows customers to choose from a variety of carriers and network providers to ensure the best connectivity and pricing options. We will offer low latency by connecting all our  Data Energy Centers® to provide scale and redundancy.

Do you offer any managed services or remote hands support?

Services are offered as requested. T.Loop use partners for a wide variety of services to provide customers with the best possible colocation experience. Please ask your contact at T.Loop for any service you need, and we will be happy to provide an answer.

Can I tour your data center facilities before signing up for colocation?

Our first DEC is currently under construction and will be launched in September 2023. To book a tour please contact us and we will arrange a visit for you.

Still got questions?

That’s perfectly normal. We’d love to tell you more about what we can do, not to mention how we do it. If your question wasn’t answered above, feel free to reach out for more information.

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