We are the pioneers in Data Energy Centers®

Imagine a large data center. 
Split it into 100 smaller ones and place them in existing buildings. 
Also imagine that these small data centers heat the buildings
and at the same time support the electricity grid.
Now you have a Data Energy Center® instead of a traditional data center!

The Problem

Data centers will use 3,4%[1] of the world’s power consumption[2] in 2030. The amount of data processed, stored and streamed are growing exponentially, at a pace, that Moore’s law* reached an inflection point in 2016 and since then is slowing down. It was years ago the data center industry surpassed the aviation industry when it comes to carbon emissions. Still, change has been slow and now there is an urgent need for a major shift towards new technologies and behaviors, standards & requirements, for the carbon heavy data center industry. 

The Solution

A Data Energy Center® ensures uptime and security for servers just as any premium data center, but in addition it ensures that heat from servers is being matched with a property`s heating need and used efficiently. Also, the Data Energy Center® is making power investments such as backup power, smart batteries available for support of the local energy grid. All this results in lowered costs and carbon emissions. 

The T.Loop technology concept 

LIQUID COOLING is what we are going for whenever possible, it enables up to 30% less electricity consumption for datacenters

A HEAT RECOVERY SYSTEM aiming at zero heat waste and zero energy usage for recovery 

SMART UPS & BATTERIES will use unreserved power capacity for supporting the electricity grid with grid balancing and peak shaving 

HYDROGEN FUEL CELL BACK-UP POWER that is reliable, silent and cause no emissions